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Gym room
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Designed spacious, airy, location is extremely convenient for everyone in the surrounding area.
One of the characteristics that make you enjoy your participation registration exercise at the gym in Vietnam Hung Ecocity is a team coach and consultant guidelines define exercise goals, be examined health indicators ... to provide appropriate training methods and effectiveness.
With the system equipment at the gym Gym, Yoga studio, Aerobic ... at Ecocity Vietnam Hung includes modern professional cameras have many superior features and importantly can combine many different exercises each brings results far beyond the expectations of customers.
Some professional equipment meet the standards 100% USA, Thailand, South Korea at the gym of our center today: a professional treadmill, weight bench hand, folding chair abdominal exercise bike away, staging pull double bucket ... And some other equipment to support your workout more efficient, simpler.
Unlike many localities Gym Facilities Hanoi today, the central room of our fully convergent elements necessary and sufficient to bring the most comfort for customers enrolling workout.


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