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Ecocity Vietnamese Trade Center Hung-style luxury large convergence of fashion brands, consumer electronics and domestic well-known international and from countries such as Thailand, South Korea ... Visitors unleash the selection and procurement of all kinds of goods from the fashion industry, cosmetics, electronics, furniture, decorations, household items, for equipment and solutions to healthcare - beauty, consumer ... brings trendy shopping experience and a bridge connecting the world consumer movement. In addition, supermarkets in Vietnam Trade Center Ecocity Hung also provide clean food, clean vegetables to ensure food safety brings peace of mind and satisfaction for consumers.
In addition, the culinary world trade center in Vietnam Hung Ecocity also create huge boost. From the coffee space style, the elegant restaurant serves a variety of local specialties and international flavors, to the bakery, ice cream, milk tea or drinks concocted inspirational , opens a rich culinary journey and refreshing. Vietnam Hung Ecocity culinary rendezvous is convenient and preferred for all ages, at all times.
With a prime location advantages, Vietnam Hung Ecocity constantly upgrading and development center in the model world-class trade, is one of the tourist destinations - Tours - typical shopping city .. .


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