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Garden - Swimming pool
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At Ecocity Vietnam Hung, future residents will be happy to meet all your needs and entertainment for both the elderly and children. Children are free to play, put creativity and many useful games, safe movement at the site.
Ecocity system in Vietnam Hung trees are planted wide government to create a peaceful, green. Moving, walking is always clean, ensuring clean environment. With green parks, walking is the ideal space for the whole family together to relax, kids play.
Modern outdoor pool, vast is the place to residents of all ages both sports training and exchanges swim together. Pool area is always modern design with blue water and sterilized with high technology. The water in the pool is filtered and cleaned periodically to ensure operational and professional pool safety. Instructors have taught swimming to children and for all ages, professional rescuers 24/24 security, create absolute peace of mind for everyone.



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